Top US financial companies

Top 30 largest US financial companies 2019

The financial sector is the pillar of the American economy and day-to-day activities. Banks, insurance and financial services companies power key financial operations, payment or saving solutions, credit or capital availability, risk mitigation, and financial information accuracy.

Top US insurance companies

Top 20 largest US insurance companies 2019

Insurance companies are key actors of the American economy, hedging risks and covering accidents. Present throughout the country and abroad, US insurance companies are involved in life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance, business and commercial insurance, and reinsurance.

Times Square in New York

Top 30 largest US companies in the S&P 500 index 2019

The biggest American companies are deeply involved in the economy of the United States, as well as the rest of the world. The thirty largest publicly traded US companies, the largest constituents of the S&P 500 index are presented here together with their activities, logos, and useful links.

Top US banks

Top 20 largest US banks 2019

Banks are the backbone of the American economy, ensuring money is available to individuals and capital to companies. Present throughout the country and abroad, US banks are involved in retail banking, corporate and investment banking, wealth management, and an array of financial services.

Top startups of the US

Top 30 best-funded US startups 2019

The largest and most sophisticated economy in the world, the US is a paradise for startups and tech companies, with the world-leading support ecosystem and massive venture capital ready to back promising businesses. The US is a perfect place for companies aiming at explosive growth and a great basecamp to conquer the world.

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Top 30 tech & innovative US companies in the Nasdaq 2019

Technology and innovative companies thrive in the United States where they find the perfect market and environment to grow. The thirty largest publicly traded tech and innovative American companies in the NASDAQ Composite are here presented together with their activities, logos, and useful links.

e-commerce in the U.S.

Top 10 e-commerce sites in the US 2019

The world’s most developed market for online shopping by far, the US is the global standard for e-commerce. Many of its greatest e-commerce companies are in a leading position in other countries, setting the pace and creating the trends that shape the rest of the world.

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Top 30 companies of the US in the Dow index 2019

The biggest companies of the United States weigh heavily in the American economy and the world’s economy. Here, thirty of the largest publicly traded companies that form the Dow Jones index are presented together with their activities, logos, and useful links.