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AbbVie Market Capitalization:

AbbVie Inc.

$239.18 Billion

USD as of July 1, 2023

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show_chart NYSE: ABBV

Market capitalization history of AbbVie

Market capitalizations are calculated from the opening stock price at the beginning of each month.

Yearly evolution of AbbVie market cap

Date Market Cap YoY Change
Jan. 1, 2023 $285.80 B 18.62%
Jan. 1, 2022 $240.94 B 33.58%
Jan. 1, 2021 $180.37 B 26.49%
Jan. 1, 2020 $142.60 B 0.91%
Jan. 1, 2019 $141.32 B -28.45%
Jan. 1, 2018 $197.52 B 83.64%
Jan. 1, 2017 $107.56 B 11.31%
Jan. 1, 2016 $96.63 B -9.03%
Jan. 1, 2015 $106.22 B 22.59%
Jan. 1, 2014 $86.65 B 34.18%
Jan. 1, 2013 $64.58 B

Market capitalization is calculated from the opening stock price at the beginning of each year.

Company Description

AbbVie Inc. is a pharmaceutical company. It is dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of medicine for a number of chronic diseases including autoimmune diseases, leukemia, lymphoma, hepatitis C, and HIV. It is also engaged in the treatment of pancreatic, thyroidal, and other hormonal insufficiencies.

business AbbVie Company Profile

Stocks & Indices

AbbVie Inc. has the following listings and related stock indices.



Stock: BMV: ABBV

Stock: Bovespa: ABBV34

Stock: FSX: 4AB

Stock: MTA: 4AB

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The market capitalization of a company, more simply referred to as "market cap", is the total market value of a publicly traded company's outstanding shares. It is often considered as a key indicator of what a company is worth.