Ceotronics AG

Headquarters: Rodermark, Germany

Employees: 123

CEO: Mr. Thomas H. Gunther

Market Cap

€29.6 Million

EUR as of Jan. 1, 2024

US$32.7 Million

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Detailed Description

CeoTronics AG provides systems for mobile digital radio networks and end devices used in local applications, and professional communications headsets and intercom systems worldwide. The company offers ATEX expertise and radio adapters; intercom-systems, such as CT-DECT case, CT-DECT conference, CT-DECT system/latency free, CT-DECT EODCom, CT-DECT GateCom compact, and CT-DECT multi products; and remote units comprising CT BluetoothAdapter, CT-HR PTT, CT-MultiCom, T-MultiPTT 1C, CT-MultiPTT 1Cplus, CT-MultiPTT 2C, CT-MultiPTT 3C, and CT-WirelessPTT MIL. It also provides headsets, such as CT-ActionNeckband Headset, a helmet-independent neckband headset; CT-BoomMike, a communication system for a tool free installation; CT-ClipCom and CT-ClipCom Digital, an in-the-ear communication headset; CT-CombiCom, a modular on-ear headset; CT-ContactCom, a communication system for high noise areas; CT-DECT systems for short-range communication needs; CT-EarGuard, a mobile measurement system; CT-Earpieces, an individual ear molds; CT-GroundCom Headset and CT-HN Headset, an over-ear headset; CT-Neckband Headset to wear under helmet; CT-SkullMike, a receiver/talk system with skullcap microphone; CT-ThroatMike, a professional throat microphone; CT-ThroatMike Comfort for use in full protection suits; and CT-WireCom Digital Headset, a wired digital full-duplex communications system. The company's products and systems are used in mechanical engineering, automotive, paper production, and aerospace industries. CeoTronics AG was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Rödermark, Germany.

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Stock: FSX: CEK wb_incandescent

Stock: XETR: CEK wb_incandescent



Adam-Opel-Strasse 6

Rodermark, 63322


Phone: 49 6074 87510

Fax: 49 6074 8751 265