The 582 Unicorn Startup Companies – Excel Spreadsheet

The World's 582 Unicorn Startup Companies

Spreadsheet: The 582 Unicorn Startup Companies – Excel file of the World’s 582 startup companies valued at 1 Billion US $ or more

Browse, filter, and use data easily on the 582 startup companies from around the world that have reached the “Unicorn” status: a valuation at or above 1 Billion US Dollars.


This file contains 2 actionable spreadsheets:

1. The main spreadsheet contains data on the World’s 582 Unicorn Startups, companies valued at or above 1 Billion US $ together with business, market, financial and digital information. This list includes companies that fit the “usual” definition of a startup, i.e. an independent company that is engaged in fast growth, particularly through fund-raising, and has not yet launched its Initial Public Offering (IPO) to get listed on a stock exchange, and not yet been acquired – AND have reached the “Unicorn” status with a valuation at or above 1 Billion US $.

Sorting Unicorn Startup Companies

Unicorn startup companies and their related data can easily be browsed and filtered according to your specific purposes: grouping by countries or industries, ranking by valuation or raised capital, sorting investors or websites, etc.

Brand new file for 2020!

All information included in the main spreadsheet is collected as of the end of the first quarter of 2020.

2. The secondary spreadsheet lists 101 more key companies that were not included in the main list of unicorn startups because they do not correspond to the previous definition of a “Unicorn” startup. Even though some other sources may mention them as Unicorns, they were not included in the main spreadsheet because they have either been closed, acquired, have launched their IPO in early 2020, 2019 or late 2018, their value has dropped below 1 Billion US $, or they actually are not independent of their founders as they were created by stock market-listed companies or government organizations.

Since the criteria defining a unicorn startup often differ between different sources and purposes, the companies analyzed in this file that didn’t fit the definition used here are still presented in the secondary spreadsheet for people who could be interested in them or need information on them.

Key benefits from the 582 Unicorn Startup Companies Excel file

  • Quickly browse and filter the companies’ information in a single convenient Excel file for multiple purposes, including:
    • companies benchmarking for marketing, finance, and investment
    • searching and filtering companies for informed lead generation
    • quickly reaching companies’ websites and online presence in bulk
    • using companies data to perform analysis, statistics, and machine learning for business, marketing, financial and investment insights
  • Keep all the information readily available on your computer at any time, even offline.
  • Easily use the companies’ data in other applications and programs thanks to a standard Excel file (.xls/.xlsx).
  • Save tens of hours of companies’ information search, collection, and formatting in one convenient Excel file.
  • Use data to boost your productivity and discover decisive insights, NOW!
Free sample

The 582 Unicorn Startup Companies – Excel Spreadsheet SampleTo let you know exactly what the 582 Unicorn Startup Companies spreadsheet contains, you can here download a free sample. This extract of both spreadsheets includes all the data of the first 10 startup companies in both spreadsheets, together with the explanatory notes of the description spreadsheet. For more information about each column data, please see below.

Excel spreadsheet on laptop in 3D

Details of the 582 Unicorn Startup Companies spreadsheets data

Here is a presentation of the information included in each column of the main and secondary XLS spreadsheets. The data can be sorted and filtered according to each column, through the filter button present in the right of the columns headings cells.

1. Information included in the main “Unicorn Startup Companies” spreadsheet

All data included in the main spreadsheet are updated as of the end of the first quarter of 2020.

▪ Company

Usual name of the company.

▪ Industry

Main industry of the company.

▪ Website

URL of the company’s main website with a direct link.

▪ Valuation (US$ B)

Valuation of the company from the latest funding round, in Billion US Dollars. The valuation is recorded as the highest credible amount by comparing three different sources: Crunchbase, CB Insights, and Wikipedia.

▪ Valuation date

Date of the last known funding round of the company, according to either Crunchbase or CB Insights, whichever was the most recent.

▪ Total Equity Funding (US$ M)

Total known equity funding raised by the company since its origin in Million US $. When not available in US Dollars, the total equity funding amount of the company was converted to US Dollars from the local currency with the official closing exchange rate on April 8, 2020.

▪ Known Investors

List of known investors who contributed to the company’s different funding rounds.

▪ Wikipedia URL

URL with direct link to the company’s main page on Wikipedia.

▪ Description

Succinct description of the company’s activities, retrieved from the introduction of the Wikipedia page of the company.

2. The secondary spreadsheet, with the 101 excluded companies, regroups the same information and columns, except for the “website” and “description” columns. An additional “Status” column was recorded to describe why the company is not included in the main list of unicorn startups. Another column of “Notes” is also included to provide details on companies that are currently inactive and/or facing legal issues.

Information that is unavailable at the time of the creation of these lists is marked “N/A”.

For a complete preview, download the free spreadsheet sample.

Technical details

  • XLS iconType: Excel file (.xlsx)
  • Size: 216 Ko
  • Spreadsheets: 3
    • 1 sheet containing the 582 Unicorn Startups Companies 2020 information with filters
    • 1 sheet containing the 101 Excluded Companies with filters
    • 1 sheet with the detailed description of the data included in the 2 other spreadsheets
  • Author/Editor: Disfold