Top Space startups in the World

World Top 30 best-funded Space startups 2021

With the entry of private ventures in space and the successful development of reusable rockets, hundreds of startups spur a new era of exploratory and commercial use for space. As a number of new actors challenge traditional ones, space startups now create a wind of change in this new space.

Top US real estate companies

Top 30 largest US real estate companies 2021

The real estate sector is a stronghold of stability in any economy, and the United States is no exception. Apartment renters, commercial or industrial real estate developers, and specialized property managers, many real estate companies are fighting for market share, investors’ interests, and innovation in this key sector.

Top US tech companies

Top 30 largest US tech companies 2021

The technology sector is the economic star of the United States, leading the country’s growth as well as its financial markets. IT and communications companies are at the heart of innovation, rapidly changing people’s lives and transforming business, finance, and the broader economy.