Top 10 e-commerce websites in Mexico

e-commerce in Mexico

Here are the top e-commerce platforms in Mexico.

Monthly traffic estimations from SimilarWeb as of November 2018.

10. Ticketmaster

Estimated monthly traffic: 4.7 Million visits

9. Best Buy Mexico

Estimated monthly traffic: 5.9 Million visits

8. Home Depot Mexico

Estimated monthly traffic: 6.65 Million visits

7. Sam’s Club Mexico

Estimated monthly traffic: 10.2 Million visits

6. eBay US

Estimated monthly traffic: 17.4 Million visits (eBay Mexico’s traffic is estimated from the Mexican share of the eBay website global traffic)

5. Liverpool

Estimated monthly traffic: 18.3 Million visits

4. Coppel

Estimated monthly traffic: 19.8 Million visits

3. Walmart Mexico

Estimated monthly traffic: 22.9 Million visits

2. Amazon Mexico

Estimated monthly traffic: 51.9 Million visits

1. Mercado Libre Mexico

Estimated monthly traffic: 112.5 Million visits

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