Top 30 best-funded US startups 2019

Top startups of the US

The largest and most sophisticated economy in the world, the US is a paradise for startups and tech companies, with the world-leading support ecosystem and massive venture capital ready to back promising businesses. The US is a perfect place for companies aiming at explosive growth and a great basecamp to conquer the world.

Operating in many industries, American startups are spearheading new businesses primarily through technology. With this reliance upon innovation to create new productive systems, these US companies are disrupting multiple industries including finance, real estate, travel, commerce, healthcare, transportation and even construction, shipping or aerospace. Primarily coming from Silicon Valley and the New England area, these young companies already operate throughout the United States, if not the entire world.

Some of them are already famous in the US and globally, reaching a large population with their products and services. But many of them are also less known, as they focus on certain business niches and take charge of problems faced by specific professions. All of these startups have already reached the “unicorn” status, that is to say, a valuation of more than a billion dollars.

List of the 30 top-funded startups from the US

Here is the list of the top 30 best-funded US startups with details about each company, the total amount of funds received by the company in US $ according to Crunchbase, as of June 17, 2019, together with a direct link to the company’s website.

Note that some companies which have long been considered to be some of the prominent startups from the US, namely Uber and Lyft, were not included in this list as they have recently become public corporations to launch their initial public offering in stock exchanges. Therefore the status of “startup”, understood as a young company aiming at growing as fast as possible, seems not to apply to them any longer.

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Quick links to the 30 best-funded American startups

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30. Dataminr

Dataminr logoIndustry: Artificial Intelligence, News – Total funding: $ 577 Million

Dataminr provides a platform to detect, qualify and classify public information in real time to discover high impact events and critical breaking news. It has application for multiple industries, including corporate security, news, public sector, public relations/crisis management and finance.


29. Houzz

Houzz logoIndustry: Home Improvement, Interior Design – Total funding: $ 613.6 Million

Houzz is an online platform specialized in home remodeling and design. It connects homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals, helping people to find inspiration, get advice, buy products and hire the right professionals for their home improvement or home restoration projects.


28. Postmates

Postmates logoIndustry: Delivery, Logistics – Total funding: $ 678 Million

Postmates is an on-demand, scalable logistics provider focusing on fast deliveries for any type of merchant. Primarily involved in the delivery of food, groceries, and alcohol, Postmates relies upon its urban logistics platform to connect customers with couriers to shop locally.


27. Lime

Lime logoIndustry: Ride Sharing, Transportation – Total funding: $ 765 Million

Lime is a company focused on providing smart, affordable and convenient mobility solutions. Managing fleets of shared electric scooters, bikes, and transit vehicles, Lime provides a mobile app for users to connect, move around and eliminate their carbon footprint linked to transportation.


26. Tanium

Tanium logoIndustry: Security, Enterprise Software – Total funding: $ 782.8 Million

Tanium provides a security and systems management solution for enterprises and government organizations to query and modify managed computer assets, regardless of the size of their network. It helps IT operations to secure, control, and manage millions of endpoints, as well as to collect real time data and execute modifications at scale without any delay.


25. Stripe

Stripe logoIndustry: Payments, FinTech – Total funding: $ 785 Million

Stripe is an online payment processing system. It provides a developer platform for businesses to accept online payments and infrastructure for applications such as crowdfunding and marketplaces, fraud prevention, analytics to start, run, and scale their businesses online.


24. Zoox

Zoox logoIndustry: Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics – Total funding: $ 790 Million

Zoox is a robotics company focused on autonomous mobility. Its multidisciplinary team works in design, computer science, and electro-mechanical engineering to develop an advanced mobility experience and support urban mobility for the people and environment of tomorrow.


23. Snowflake

Snowflake logo

Industry: Cloud Data Services – Total funding: $ 928.9 Million

Snowflake is a data warehouse service. It provides fixed options as well as scalable, on-demand solutions to store and analyze data for companies to maximize performance, concurrency, and simplicity in data warehousing. Snowflake aims at combining the flexibility of big data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional platforms.


22. Peloton

Peloton logoIndustry: Fitness, Hardware – Total funding: $ 994.7 Million

Peloton is a company providing fitness material and live, on-demand fitness group classes. Through connected indoor fitness bikes and treadmills, Peloton enables people to get fit through comprehensive and socially connected-experience merging hardware, software, and content.


21. Affirm

Affirm logoIndustry: Payments, Personal Finance – Total funding: $ 1 Billion

Affirm is a company specialized in providing installment loans to consumers at the point of sale. It helps shoppers pay for their purchases across multiple months while increasing conversion and basket size for online merchants. Doing so, Affirm also makes financial services more accessible to consumers.


20. Argo AI

Argo AI logoIndustry: Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles – Total funding: $ 1 Billion

Argo AI is a company developing self-driving technology. Creating artificial intelligence to drive autonomous cars, Argo AI partners with companies of the automotive sector to help them make safer, more affordable, convenient, and accessible vehicles.


19. UiPath

UiPath logoIndustry: Enterprise Software, Information Services – Total funding: $ 1 Billion

UiPath is a company specialized in robotic process automation software. Through its technological platform, UiPath offers customizable automation of processes with robots operating on a virtual machine. Its suite of services allows to visually model automation, manage enterprise duties, and execute processes.


18. Compass

Compass logoIndustry: Real Estate, Online Portals – Total funding: $ 1.2 Billion

Compass is a real estate company associating an online real estate platform with real estate experts. Operating as a real estate brokerage company, Compass powers a real estate listing app and website that connect people interested in buying, selling, and renting properties.


17. Katerra

Katerra logoIndustry: Construction, Software – Total funding: $ 1.2 Billion

Katerra is a technology company engaged in the optimization of the construction industry. It provides an end-to-end building service, connecting design, software, and building engineering, manufacturing, logistics, and construction through its integrated technology platform and global supply chain.


16. Flexport

Flexport logoIndustry: Shipping, Logistics – Total funding: $ 1.3 Billion

Flexport is a customs brokerage and freight forwarder relying upon modern technology. Through its online platform, Flexport allows global trade businesses to easily understand, purchase, manage, and track services, while its team of logistics experts relieves supply chain issues to ensure customers can receive their goods on time and at the lowest cost.


15. Wish

Wish logoIndustry: E-Commerce, Mobile – Total funding: $ 1.3 Billion

Wish is an e-commerce platform primarily reaching its users through mobile devices. Offering affordable goods from a global network of suppliers, Wish relies upon state-of-the-art search technologies to deliver an entertaining, visual and personalized experience for each user.


14. Slack

Slack logoIndustry: Enterprise Software, Messaging – Total funding: $ 1.4 Billion

Slack is a company focusing on enhancing collaboration between companies’ employees. Its platform regroups people, information, and tools in order to make big or small businesses unify their systems, communicate better and work more efficiently.


13. Pinterest

Pinterest logoIndustry: Social Media, Social Bookmarking – Total funding: $ 1.5 Billion

Pinterest is a bookmarking platform focusing on images and visuals. It allows users to discover creative ideas and save their favorite images, by “pinning” them through personalized collections, called “boards”. It also allows users to contact each other and follow their activities on the site.


12. Epic Games

Epic Games logoIndustry: Gaming, Developer Platform – Total funding: $ 1.6 Billion

Epic Games is a company that creates video games and provides game engine technology to third parties. It is the creator of multiple blockbuster games including Unreal, Gears of War, the Infinity Blade series, as well as Fortnite and Paragon.


11. Grail

Grail logoIndustry: Biotechnology, Medical Device – Total funding: $ 1.6 Billion

Grail develops medical devices specialized in the early detection of cancer. It is focusing on screening tests to reveal cancers at their beginning: when they are the most likely to be successfully cured. Grail works by combining science, technology, and population-scale clinical studies to find cancers at their most early stages.


10. Intarcia Therapeutics

Intarcia Therapeutics logo

Industry: Health Care, Biotechnology – Total funding: $ 1.6 Billion

Intarcia Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company specialized in diseases requiring long-term chronic treatment. It notably produces drug delivery platforms stabilizing and delivering therapeutic proteins and peptides, drugs delivery devices for the treatment of Hepatitis C, type 2 diabetes, and develops treatments program for obesity.


9. Instacart

Instacart logoIndustry: Delivery Service, Grocery – Total funding: $ 1.9 Billion

Instacart is a company focusing on the delivery of groceries and home products. It allows customers to browse a wide variety of items which can be mixed from multiple local retail stores, including Safeway, Whole Foods, Super Fresh, Harris Teeter, Shaw’s, Mariano’s, Jewel-Osco, Stanley’s, and Costco.


8. DoorDash

DoorDash logoIndustry: Food Delivery, Logistics – Total funding: $ 2 Billion

DoorDash is a food delivery services allowing users to order from local restaurants through a mobile application. Thanks to its digital platform and delivery logistics, restaurants can find new customers and reach a larger base via home delivery which they would not otherwise be able to provide.


7. Palantir

Palantir logoIndustry: Analytics, Information Technology – Total funding: $ 2 Billion

Palantir is a technology company specialized in big data integration and analysis. It works on solving some of the world’s most important questions through data analysis software for both private and public sector, including delivering disaster relief to building safer automobiles.


6. SoFi

SoFi logoIndustry: Financial Services, FinTech – Total funding: $ 2.5 Billion

SoFi – Social Finance – is a finance company providing a range of lending and wealth management services. Particularly catering to younger professionals, SoFi helps them to save, spend, borrow and invest whether they are looking to buy a home, save money on student loans, grow in their careers, or invest in the future.


5. Magic Leap

Magic Leap logoIndustry: Augmented Reality, Wearables – Total funding: $ 2.6 Billion

Magic Leap is an augmented reality company creating wearable technology to interact with digital devices and visualize data. It provides a headset that generates images indistinguishable from real objects and integrates them seamlessly into the user’s environment.


4. SpaceX

SpaceX logoIndustry: Aerospace, Space Travel – Total funding: $ 3.2 Billion

SpaceX – Space Exploration Technologies Corporation – is a company dedicated to space transportation aiming at improving the cost and reliability of accessing to space by a factor of ten. It designs, manufactures, and launches rockets and spacecraft, especially focusing on reusable launch vehicles.


3. Airbnb

Airbnb logoIndustry: Marketplace, Travel Accommodations – Total funding: $ 4.4 Billion

Airbnb is a marketplace dedicated to connecting travelers to rooms, apartments, houses and unique accommodations and experiences around the world. It helps list, discover, and book distinctive spaces and facilitates bookings and financial transactions.


2. The We Company

The We Company logoIndustry: Coworking, Commercial Real Estate – Total funding: $ 12.8 Billion

The We Company is a company dedicated to providing dynamic workspaces that enhance creativity, focus, and collaboration. It creates original and collaborative workspaces while providing an eco-system of infrastructure, services, events, and technologies for its members.


1. Juul

Juul logoIndustry:
Consumer Goods, Consumer Electronics – Total funding: $ 13.6 Billion

Juul is an electronics company specialized in nicotine vaporizers and alternatives for smokers. It provides vaporizers with regulated temperature control and that can be filled with e-liquid formulations including nicotine, natural oils, extracts, and flavor.


Here are the top 30 best-funded startups from the US. Did we forget any? Did you buy any product or service from them? Which one do you think provides the most useful product or service? Let us know in the comments below!

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