OPENLiMiT Holding AG

Headquarters: Baar, Switzerland

Employees: 52

CEO: Mr. Marc Jason Gurov

show_chart XETR: O5H

Market Cap


CHF as of Nov. 1, 2021


No historic market cap data available

Detailed Description

OpenLimit Holding AG, a software company, provides various secure data communication, eID, and authentication technologies. The company through its technologies enable people and machines to communicate without any restrictions and in a secure, provable, and identifiable manner. It develops basic technologies and products in the various areas, such as secure data communication between machines, electronic identities, electronic signatures, and evidential value-preserving long-term storage of data and documents. The company's solutions form an integral part of products from various manufacturers of IT applications and are used by enterprises, public authorities, institutions, and private households. OpenLimit Holding AG is based in Baar, Switzerland.

Stocks & Indices

OPENLiMiT Holding AG has the following listings and related stock indices.

Stock: XETR: O5H

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Zugerstrasse 74

Baar, 6341


Phone: 41 41 560 10 20

Fax: 41 41 560 10 39