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Stock Index

NASDAQ Composite

Index Symbol: ^IXIC

Total Market Capitalization (USD): $23.949 Trillion

NASDAQ Composite Index - 1 Year Evolution with Moving Averages

1 Year Return

▼ -22.57%

Daily index close
Moving averages: EMA20 SMA50 SMA200

NASDAQ Composite Index Description

Common stocks and similar securities listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market are aggregated to form the Nasdaq Composite index, often simply referred to as the Nasdaq index, one of the three key indices of the US financial markets with the Dow Jones and S&P 500.

It is measured through the evolution of all the stocks and other securities quoted solely on the Nasdaq stock exchange: Common Stock, American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), Limited Partnership Interests, Ordinary Shares, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Shares of Beneficial Interest (SBIs) and Tracking Stocks.

The Nasdaq Composite (and the Nasdaq-100, which only tracks about 100 of the largest Nasdaq companies) are usually only considered to be rough benchmarks for US innovative and tech companies, not for the broader American stocks and economy, for which the S&P 500 index is generally preferred.

NASDAQ Composite Index Data

Open 11,048.38
High 11,189.96
Low 11,044.89
Close 11,176.16
Volume 8,920,643,730
Previous Close 10,815.43
1-Day Change 360.73
1-Year Change -3,257.67
Average Daily Volume 4,985,177,475
52-Week High 16,212.23
52-Week Low 10,565.14

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