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Stock Index

Dow Jones

Index Symbol: ^DJI

Total Market Capitalization (USD): $9.806 Trillion

Dow Jones Index - 1 Year Evolution with Moving Averages

1 Year Return

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Daily close values, with moving averages and volumes
Moving averages:

  • EMA20
  • SMA50
  • SMA200

Dow Jones Index Description

The Dow Jones Industrial Average index – abbreviated DJIA – and generally referred to as the Dow Jones, or more simply the Dow, is based upon the stocks of 30 large publicly traded companies listed on the NYSE or the NASDAQ. It tracks the evolution of the American financial markets and economy, and more particularly the US industry.

Launched in the late 19th century and initially focusing on heavy industry, many companies from other industries were later added to the Dow Jones index. It is compiled by adding the price of one share of stock of each component company (with some correcting factors) and is widely considered to be a reference index of the economic activity of blue-chip American companies.

However, since the Dow is not weighted by market capitalization and that it includes only 30 companies, which are not exactly the 30 largest American companies, the S&P 500 index is generally considered to be a more representative index of the US stock market and the broader economy.

Dow Jones Index Data

Open 33,771.13
High 33,804.22
Low 33,552.79
Close 33,562.86
Volume 367,170,000
Previous Close 33,762.76
1-Day Change -199.90
1-Year Change 663.16
Average Daily Volume 344,628,650
52-Week High 34,589.77
52-Week Low 28,725.51

Top 10 Dow Jones Companies Concentration by Market Cap